Time to move this thing forward.

I’m doing a face-lift on my blog and updating things in order to make a clean start of things by the end of the year.  Blogger ate my old blog apparently, but I had decided that maybe that meant it was time to be an Adult about this.

I am doing some soul-searching and a little more prayer on where I want to go with this, as I don’t want it to be “just another mom blog.”  Pretty soon it’ll be an “old lady” blog at the rate I’m going.  😉

This might be for the moms in transition.  You know, the ones whose kids are growing up and moving on and/or out.  I’ve got one who just bought his first truck and is now looking at a house and another who is looking at marriage and a house in short order.  It’s a step forward, into the unknown, for all of us.  I’ll be gaining a daughter-in-law and an extra branch of family to deal with on holidays and whatnot.  As a criminally introverted member of society, I don’t see me doing so well with this initially.  I don’t like to add people involuntarily to my “circle”, and some days it feels like my son is thrusting too many new people at me too quickly.  I’m trying hard to keep up, but I’m pretty sure they are concerned that I’m extremely weird and antisocial.  (I am, but they don’t need to know that!)

Then there’s the younger two Manlings.  No. 3 is in his second year of VoTech, and No. 4 will be starting next year.  I don’t know what I’m going to do when they are both out of the house for an extended period in the mornings.  Well, no.  I have some ideas what I’m going to do, but it’s a little mind-boggling to think of the gluttony of time I’ll have.  Yeah, yeah.  I say that, but it’s amazing how quickly it fills itself up.

For now, I’m working on getting some clean-up done and putting things in order that didn’t get done over the summer as I had planned.  My hubs is putting my kitchen back together, and I know I’ll feel much better when that project is through.



Why “Manlings”?

People are often shocked, mystified, and sometimes flabbergasted when I roll on up somewhere with My Posse.  The older two are hairy and deep-voiced, and my Favorite Child has shot up six inches in the last month alone.  The Munchkin almost looks me in the eye, and I suspect by the end of the summer he will tower over me as well.  Those who have not seen this one or that one in several months will frequently get them confused with a brother.  The only one who really doesn’t look like their dad is The Boy (#2) who is instead the spitting image of my little brother.  Not a one of them looks like a “kid” or a “teen” or a “young adult”.

So years ago it struck me to call them Manlings, as they are somewhere between boy and man; something with less negative connotations than “teenager” has these days; and something that set them apart as mine.  They have all grown, and the Eldest is more man than Manling these days; but since they are all still younger than their father and grandfather I will continue to use it till they beg me not to….or maybe even after that.

Let me introduce them:

The Eldest–my first homeschooler–now a graduated child, who is working at his job of choice two years post-graduation.  He’s a railroad mechanic.  Yes, little boys:  he plays with locomotives all day!  Some day he wants to drive them.  He’s my redneck–truck driving, hat wearing, knife toting, and hairy chinned.  I blame my genes.  He’s not his daddy’s child, that’s for sure!

The Boy–last of my boys to start homeschooling–also a graduate, and working NOT in the field of his choice.  However he starts a new job next week for a landscaping company that will at least get him outdoors to work.  He’s a volunteer firefighter and EMT in his “spare” time and has a below-average sense of self-preservation.  I’ve never seen someone who so quickly runs into danger!  See my grey hair?

My Favorite Child–high school freshman–he needed “mental health days” to get through half-day kindergarten, so he was my second homeschooler.  He told me later that the only draw school held for him was riding the bus.  Once that wore off, he wasn’t interested any more.  He’s been home with me ever since.  This one is also a firefighter but far less reckless than his older brother (thank you God).  He goes off to VoTech this fall to pursue Building Occupations (he’d like to be a contractor), and that will leave me alone with….

…the Munchkin.  He’s the baby, and he hates it, except when it means he is getting away with something.  Never been to school because by that time we were fully entrenched in having his brothers home.  He’s completely wild, never been socialized and can’t read or speak properly.  Yes, that’s crap.  He’s actually the best student of the bunch and will talk to anyone and everyone.  According to him, he’s never leaving home.  Not that I blame him.  He’s really got it pretty good.

And last but not least, the Hubs.  He was a city boy when I found him.  We got him to move out to the ‘burbs.  If I get really lucky I might get him out in the wilds of the north of the county by the time he’s old and grey.  He likes to drink beer with our little Holland Lop (they are pals) and smoke meat on the monster grill the Manlings got him for Father’s Day.  He’s a demon on the mini-golf lawn, and you really don’t want  him to bowl with you.  It’s demoralizing but fun to watch!

This is my Human Crew.  I’ll introduce the furry people in another post.

Witty Wisdom….maybe, maybe not…

Some day this post is going to get written and posted.  Sheesh!

So far I’ve had to change browsers because Google Chrome kept eating my tabs, Firefox says I’m not allowed to post, and Windows Explorer only works for Some Things.  (I can blog post but not check my email.  What??)

Truth is, I think my laptop is just struggling in general after having to go to the Computer Hospital the other month.  Poor thing needed a complete re-boot and new hard drive; all the updates and re-installs seem to be confusing it into an early death.

Alright then, here’s the gist of things:  this is a new venture for me, so please be encouraging and gentle if you have comments on content.  There will be no nastiness allowed around here.  We’re all adults and should be able to play nicely with others.  I personally have a low tolerance for downright meanness.

This blog is an attempt to figure out what I want to be when I grow up, or what I want to do once my Man/lings are all grown up and out on their own, or maybe my way to make a “living” when my Hubs finally tells me I need to Get A Job Bum.

I’m not quite sure what it’s going to evolve into, although I do have some ideas where I’d like to go.  Expect quick, sarcastic wit, with a lot of eccentric thrown in.  I’ve never been Normal, so don’t expect it.

You’ve been warned.  Here goes!